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Statement of Account

About Your Statement of Account
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Owner Name: 21 Bennett Similis,Llc Mailing Address:
Property Address: 21 Bennett Ave. 21 Bennett Similis,Llc
Borough, Block, Lot:   Manhattan (1), 02180, 0096 Englander
P.O. Box 110247
Brooklyn, NY 11211-0247
This document is an image of your most recent quarterly Statement of Account. Because it is only an image, it will not reflect your property's current balance if interest begins to accrue on an unpaid balance after the statement due date. For the most up-to-date information on your account balance, please visit our ePayment Center. (A new window will open.)
Statement Billing Summary
(Reflects Account Activity from Your Last Statement through February 20, 2009)
         Previous Balance                                                                $19,188.07
         Amount Paid                                                                    $-19,188.07
         Interest                                                                             $0.00
         Unpaid Balance, if Any                                                               $0.00
         Current Amount Due                                                                   $0.00
         Total Amount Due by April 1, 2009                                                    $0.00
         Amount Due April 1, 2009                                                            $86.36
         If You Want to Pay Everything You Owe By April 1, 2009 Please Pay:                  $86.36
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Statement Details_________________________________________________________________________
Previous Balance                         Activity Date  Date                                 Amount
 Finance-Property Tax                                   01/01/2009                       $19,120.05
 Payment                                    12/26/2008                                  $-19,120.05
 Bldg-Elevator 10218000096                              07/01/2008                           $68.02
 Payment                                    12/26/2008                                      $-68.02
Unpaid Balance, if Any                                                                        $0.00
Amount Due April 1, 2009                 Activity Date  Date                                 Amount
 Housing-Emergency Repair                               01/07/2009                           $70.00
 Sales Tax                                  02/19/2009                                        $5.86
 Administrative Fee                         02/19/2009                                       $10.50
Amount Due April 1, 2009                                                                     $86.36
Annual Property Tax Detail                                                                         
 Tax Class  2 - Residential, More Than 10 Units      Tax Rate
 Current Tax Rate                                    12.5960%
 Estimated Market Value $1,170,000          Billable Assessed             New
                                                      Value             Tax Rate              Taxes
Tax Before Exemptions and Abatements                 $471,060    X     12.5960%  =          $59,335
Tax Before Abatements                                $471,060                               $59,335
 Senior Citizens Rent Increase Exemption                $8,574
 Disability Rent Increase Abatement                     $5,316
Annual Property Tax                                                                         $59,335
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